Terms and Conditions

KREATOR Ltd. guarantees a top-level product and a maximum cash value. If the delivered product isn’t satisfactory, it can be returned within 14 days with a refund guarantee!

When using this website, the end-user/buyer is familiar and conciliant with the General conditions and all other items for conducting business: The distributor is KRETOR Ltd. Heraki 1, Sveti Lovreč Pazenatički 52448, Croatia. The end-user is a visitor to this website, while a buyer is a visitor to the website who fills out the electronic order and completes the payment through his credit card, general payment slip/money transfer/internet banking or by company.


When placing and order, the user can pay by money transfer (general payment slip or internet banking) or by credit cards: American Express, MasterCard, Visa or PayPal.
When paying by money transfer or by general payment slip, the user will receive an e-mail acknowledgement confirming the receipt of the order together with the information for the payment. We deliver the order once payment has been approved, and in accordance with our delivery conditions. Paying by general payment slip and money transfer is not possible a few days before sending the BeautyBox, since the accounting entries require a period of few days. The payment confirmation needs to be visible on our account before the delivery of the product, so please make sure your payment is conducted within the necessary time frame.

If the user decides to pay by credit card, an e-mail will be sent to the user’s e-mail address with the order confirmation and the information on the pre-authorisation of the transaction.

Entry and transfer of personal information, together with the credit card information, is protected by the highest security standards guaranteed by WSpay system for online authorisation of credit cards, which complies with the credit card holder requirements and credit card brand demands, as well as PCI DSS standards.  Authorisation and payment of credit cards is implemented by the WSpay system which authorises and conducts payments of credit cards in real time.

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Delivery is performed by the delivery service:

FREE DELIVERY HP – up to 7 working days.

OVERSEAS EXPRESS – delivery within 24 hours.

Merchandise is usually send to delivery on the day of the order or next working day.

www.barrelbay.com is the registered domain for KREATOR Ltd. company.


Products (returns and refunds) are sent to the following address: KREATOR d.o.o. Heraki 1, Sveti Lovreč Pazenatički 52448, Croatia


In accordance with the Customer protection act, in long distance purchases (when the product is not picked up personally, but delivered by the delivery service) you are entitled to terminate the contract unilaterally within 14 days from the date of received delivery and/or the date of received delivery of the latest product form your order, without the obligation to state the reasons for your termination.

The contract can be terminated unilaterally by contacting the official e-mail info@barrebay.com or by stating an unambiguous statement where you express your will for terminating the contract. In instances of unilateral termination, we will proceed in accordance with the Customer protection act in respect to the Civil obligations act. We will proceed with the refund, once the ordered products are returned to us. The return of the products must be conducted, without delay, within 14 days from the day of your unilateral contract termination.

In accordance with the Customer protection act, the buyer is obligated to bear costs for the return of the product, if they have previously exercised their right on unilateral breach of contract. If the buyer chooses to do so, he or she can contact KREATOR Ltd. through the info number or the official e-mail address info@barrebay.com, in regard to information on the methods, possibilities or conditions for returning the product on the cost of KREATOR Ltd.

In accordance with Customer protection act article 77 paragraph 5. the buyer is responsible for any reduction of value of the purchased product, as a result of handling the purchased product. The product has to be returned in its original package, with the applicable declaration, together with the receipt, instructions for use and the warranty card.


The buyer can reclaim the product by sending it to the following address: (Heraki 1, Sveti Lovreč Pazenatički 52448, Croatia).

If the rational for the return is damaged or faulty goods, the bear of delivery cost is ensured by KREATOR Ltd., but if the return is conducted on buyers’ demand, the buyer is obligated to send the goods to our warehouse covering the cost of the return. The distributor is not responsible for any damage and other commitments in the domain of the delivery service, but by conducting a mutual agreement with the delivery service, the distributor will ensure top service delivery standards for every customer. When taking over the received goods, the buyer is obligated to indicate the reclamation to the deliverer on the spot, and needs to notify, in writing, our director for online sale through the official email address info@barrebay.com.


Both the distributor (KREATOR Ltd.) and the buyer may practise their right for breach of contract (order cancelation) before the goods are sent to delivery, with full refund of payment. If the distributor (KREATOR Ltd.) can’t deliver the payed goods for any reason, the payment refund will be conducted within three (3) working days. If the buyer decides to breach the contract (cancel the order) before the goods have been sent to the delivery, the payment refund will be conducted within three (3) working days. If the buyer decides to cancel the order after it was already sent to delivery, the payment refund will be conducted within three (3) working days after the goods have been returned from the buyer to the distributor, and reduced by delivery costs and the value of card commission (if the goods were paid by credit card or debit card).


When registering to our website, every user will automatically be subscribed to our newsletter. If you decide you don’t want to receive our newsletter, you are free to unsubscribe from it at any time. If you are not a registered user or buyer, but you would like to receive information on our products, you can subscribe to our newsletter, which is located in the right corner at the end of our homepage.


In accordance with article 10 of the Customer protection act, online shop barrealbay.com (KREATOR Ltd.), allows you to send your written complaints regarding online shopping to our official e-mail: info@barrebay.com. We will reply to all of your remarks and complaints within 15 days at the most.


KREATOR Ltd. pledges to protect the personal data of all users, by collecting only necessary, basic information from buyers/users, which is crucial for conducting our business; informing the buyers on what their personal data is being used for; regularly providing buyers with information on ways, from which they can choose, what their personal data will be used for, including the possibility to remove them from the list of marketing campaigns. All user data is strictly protected and is available only to employees who need it for conducting everyday business. All employees in KREATOR Ltd. and their business partners are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection. You can find out more in our own privacy policies.


Our website uses cookies to provide a better user experience, functionality and a better process to save data from your orders. You are agreeing on using cookies, when viewing the barrelbay.hr website. If you don’t agree so, please disable this function by following the instruction in this Cookies notification, so that the cookies don’t reach your device.

In accordance with the special regulation of the European Union, from February 15th, 2016 pleas concerning online shopping will be resolved throughout the whole EU by ODR platform, which you can reach here.

This means that if you, by any chance, come across a problem during online shopping within the EU (faulty product, inability to replace your product, etc.) you can easily send your complaint to the link mentioned above.

This platform can be used both by distributors and buyers, and the complaint can be submitted in any of the 23 languages of the EU.


Buyer’s rights and deadlines for breach of contract (extract form the Consumer protection act):

Rights for breach of contract – article 45.

  1. Every contract concluded by an instrument of remote communication, applicable to rules comprised in this article of this act, authorise the buyer to execute the breach of contract within 14 days, without stating a reason.
  2. When concluding a contract on selling a product, the deadline form paragraph 1. within this article starts to run from the day the buyer received his product, with an assumption that, prior to this, the confirmation of notice from article 44. of this act was delivered to the buyer.
  3. When concluding a contract for provision of service, the deadline from paragraph 1. starts to run from the day when the contract was concluded, that is, if the confirmation of previous notice was not delivered to the buyer by the time of contract conclusion, from the day the confirmation of previous notice has been delivered.

Deadline for breach of contract if the confirmation of previous notice hasn’t been delivered – article 46.

  1. If the distributor didn’t deliver the confirmation of previous notice to the buyer from article 44. of this act, the buyer has the right for breach of contract within three months.
  2. When concluding a contract on selling a product, the deadline from paragraph 1. of this article starts to run from the day when the product was received.
  3. When conducting a contract for provision of service, the deadline from paragraph 1. of this article starts to run from the day when the contract was concluded.
  4. If the distributor, delivers the confirmation of previous notice from article 44. of this act to the buyer, within the deadline form paragraph 1. of this article, the buyer has the right to breach the contract within 14 days from the day the confirmation of previous notice was received.

Forms of contract termination – article 47.

  1. Breach of contract is conducted by written notice for termination to the distributor.
  2. Breach of contract is conducted at the time when the distributor has received the notice for termination.
  3. It is presumed that breach of contract was conducted on time, if the notice for termination was sent out within the timeframes defined in articles 45. and 46.

Consequences of breach of contract – article 48.

  1. When breach of contract occurs, the buyer is obligated to return the product in his own expense.
  2. The buyer is not responsible for the damage caused to the distributor, due to breach of contract.
  3. The distributor is obligated, within 30 days of the receipt of the notice for termination, to provide a total payment refund which the buyer has spent under the contract up until the breach of contract, enhanced by default interests according to the interest rate of the s’ business bank for the tide savings investment covered in three months for the whole time period, calculating from the time of receival of the written statement of termination up until payoff.

Exclusion of rights to breach of contract – article 49.

In exception that the parties haven’t concluded differently, the buyer has no right for termination based on article 45. and 46. of this act if the contract in question:

is provision of service, if the provision of service, with the full consent of the buyer, started before the expiration of the date in which the buyer had the right to request for breach of contract on sale of product or provision of service to which the price is subjected to fluctuation on the financial market, is selling the product manufactured by the buyers specifications, is a product made exclusively for the buyer or product which due to its nature may be returned or is susceptible to rapid decadence, is selling audio or audio video recordings or computer programs which have been unpacked by the buyer, is selling newspaper, periodical publications and magazines, games of chance.

Please note that the translation of the act provided above is only provisional translation and therefore does NOT represent an official document of the Republic of Croatia. It confers no rights and imposes no obligations separate from those conferred or imposed by the legislation formally adopted and published in Croatian language.